Annalynne mccord and ryan eggold dating

When she accuses a member of the team of committing heinous acts against her on a night she can't even remember, will anyone believe her?

A successful matchmaker has suddenly lost the spark in her own marriage after 15 years, so Jennie insists her husband, Ian, to go on a blind date-with her. See full summary » When Mira's April Fool's Day tricks materialize, she finds herself promoted to the perfect job, dating the perfect man and living in the perfect home. See full summary » Following a break-up with her unfaithful fiancé, a young college professor agrees to live at her sister's and watch over the home and her 17 year old niece. See full summary » Everyday Megan Harris wakes from the same horrific dream about a pledge dying in a hazing ritual only to have her memory wiped clean.

Oh, sure, the dialogue, characters, and situations are ridiculously unbelievable, but this is a soap opera and the creators and cast recognize that, never taking themselves too seriously and always striving to provide entertainment bang for your buck.

The main reason I think that “90210” works as a guilty pleasure diversion is the talented young cast.

Megan fights for her life and battles time to find the truth before her memory is erased again. I'm not even going to mention names here in respect of the good actors that would have done so much better. It's like a bad teeny-bopper gone rotten in it's delivery.

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Not only does she travel to Cambodia each Christmas to spend time with victimized young women and girls, but on Sept. Not said 'no' when you felt you didn't have the right to?

It was business as usual on the Los Angeles set of “90210” yesterday.

And hotties like Shenae Grimes, Anna Lynne Mc Cord, and Jessica Stroup were all spotted hard at work.

, in the same way that a lot of people look forward to a root canal.

It’s not that I’m a loyalist to the original (unlike most of my generation, I barely saw the show), but most of the press surrounding the show’s original run on The Much to my surprise, I found “90210” to be a satisfactory guilty pleasure, a sun-soaked diversion that’s a great alternative for when you want to zone out after a long day at work or school.


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