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Samsung is reported to have provided a patch to mobile network operators, who must push Android updates out themselves.

But it’s unclear whether any networks have done so yet, and they are often slow to push out both incremental Android updates as well as security fixes.

Researchers have confirmed that the exploit works on versions of the Samsung Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge and Galaxy S4 Mini.

But it may also be active on other Samsung Galaxy phones, since the keyboard software is installed on more devices.

There are usually protections in place that stop hackers from performing what is called a “man in the middle attack”, by encrypting communication with the server, as well as ones to stop any malicious code from getting too deep into the phone.

But Samsung has given its version of the software special permissions, which means that hackers can get through the protections in Android that stop third-party apps from tampering with other bits of the device.

But just putting a piece of tape over your webcam doesn't prevent a hacker from accessing your webcam or microphone. Former National Security Agency staffer Patrick Wardle debuted Over Sight on Thursday.

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"As with any security tool, direct or proactive attempts to specifically bypass Over Sight's protections will likely succeed," the site says.

It doesn’t matter if Samsung users are using the keyboard or not, because it is still making the requests.

But users of Swift Key on other Android phones seem to be safe, because the problem appears to be isolated to Samsung’s version of the software.

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