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They are great at managing a career and they attract mentors easily because who doesn’t want to mentor a rising star?

All the rich, powerful mentors are ENTJs looking for younger, upstart ENTJs.

Like he/she can be more sensitive and understanding to other's feelings? I also know that I am considered rather sensitive and understanding by my friend group.

Anonymous asked: How can an ENTJ be more emotional? I know that I have waves of being stoic and being extremely emotional.

INTPWhy: INTPs are the nerds your parents warned you about shoving into lockers. If you can talk passionately about something that is interesting to you and the INTP they will actually pay attention to you instead of this new implementation for a dynamically allocated data structure in minecraft.

They may seem socially inept and probably don’t put any effort into being attractive now but once they develop that Fe, man do they get sexy. It might be awkward at first but as you grow old together your INTP will become a great spouse that your friends will be jealous of. Do this be being more interesting than what they’re thinking of at the moment. Once you get their attention you just need to stay interesting and make all the first moves, and voila! ENTPWhy:comic : x ENTPs are maybe the most fun of the NTs.

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They won’t marry you if you can’t deal with your emotions, and if you’re looking for a shoulder to cry on in a potential spouse I would not recommend you marry an ENTJ.Every time I teach a course on a specific personality type, I learn things that blow me away. I learned F’s sometimes misidentify themselves as T’s but T’s never mistake themselves for F’s.I learned that INTJ men almost always marry ENFP women. I was particularly excited for the ENTJ course because I’m an ENTJ.Anonymous asked: As a fellow female entj I appreciate you as whole for making me feel like I'm not the sociopath everyone says we are. But, I am also known as the most patient and most approachable friend when issues arise, as I am also the most nonjudgmental friend, as I know that everyone needs to improve, and it’s impossible to start that journey if you can’t even admit it.BTW the only type I've found so far that I get along with in a romantic sense is an ISFJ and my best friend is ISFP that is all. I hate the stereotype that arise for each personality type. So, as par for the way I have chosen to use my ENTJ powers, that is, building everyone around me up rather than my personal gain, I have had to learn to be much more empathetic and sensitive, and, as my friendship circle has told me, I have mostly succeeded.There are four spectrums Myers-Briggs uses to identify people: Myers-Briggs is a personality theory that you can use as a tool to better understand how people flirt, whether they like to be romantic first, etc.


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