Radioactive carbon dating in palentology

Of all the carbon in the world only a very small amount is radioactive. Plants are designed to absorb carbon dioxide (what you and I breathe out --. Nests, eggs, and babies are a challenge to a Flood model, but there are enough unknowns associated with the data that solid conclusions are difficult to draw.The part that impacts and volcanism play in a Flood paradigm will be briefly discussed.Scientists, using rigorous methods have established a process to eliminate this problem by calibrating radiocarbon dating results to items of a known age.

Helium ages, however, tend to be too low because the gas escapes from the rock.Fossils, as well as minerals and rocks, may be dated by helium dating.The relatively large amount of helium produced in rocks may make it possible to extend helium dating to rocks and minerals as young as a few tens of thousands of years old.Both evolution and Intelligent Design Theory should be taught in school. evolution debate facts for kids, natural selection and survival of the fittest are real and has caused many to believe that life is an accident.If you believe that life is an accident, this has caused considerable conflict and turmoil in your life that was not of your conscious actions.So you have my sympathy, my prayers and my warm regards.


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