Top 10 most intimidating songs

Some look to intimidate while others pick something that is reflective of their personality. Roy Nelson: Weird Al Yankovic – “Fat”" data-reactid="16"10.

Roy Nelson: Weird Al Yankovic – “Fat”When you think of a UFC fighter, you don’t think of a body type that resembles the one Roy Nelson has.

Beginning the decade with a couple of groundbreaking albums featuring guitar virtuoso Randy Rhoads, Osbourne weathered the loss of his friend and collaborator to become one of the biggest hard rock stars of the decade.

Disney Legend Ilene Woods pines for something magical to happen with innocence and optimism.More from this series: Top 10 best fighters | Top 10 best trash talkers | Top 10 best fights The walkout song is an integral part of a fighter’s personality.Although, it doesn’t have anything to do with what happens inside of the Octagon, it’s the first thing that fans see before the gladiator goes to combat.Some fighters just want to get the walk over with so they pick something and make their way to the cage.But then there are those fighters who put a lot of thought into the songs they choose and how the make their entrance.But it hasn’t mattered because the extra weight around the belly has yet to slow him down.


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