Most intimidating fans in

They sidestep the subtleties of heckling by dressing like characters from a The Hills Have Eyes/Road Warrior crossover movie.

And then they convince both players and opposing fans that they are going to stab them with a screwdriver, which is a very real threat, because at any given time, 93% of Oakland-Alameda County Stadium attendees have a rap sheet that includes at least one conviction for stabbing someone with a screwdriver.

I just made that fact up, but for a second you believed it.

I would rather be a corrections officer patrolling a prison rodeo than step into this place wearing a Chiefs jersey.

Hd video, Download the latest game Are These The Most Intimidating Fans In Football?

It was like playing in heaven.” Well, if that’s like playing in heaven, the 9 fan bases and stadium experiences below would be like playing in hell.

In the ways that many of the crowds on this list are clever, coordinated, and ingenious, Radiers fans are…not.

The place seems to come alive when the Kop, the stadium's most vocal stand, bellows out "You'll Never Walk Alone" - especially on European nights.

A host of key matches have been won due to the Reds' 12th man, just ask Chelsea or Dortmund fans.


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