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Defined by Cathy Guisewite, the four basic guilt groups are four types of temptation that the character Cathy faces in her daily life.

Cathy had a love/hate affair with food (especially carbs). She was visibly overweight, but not obese; she was often shown in a department store fitting room trying to stuff herself into a bathing suit.

But It thought it totally copped out by having Cathy get married and get pregnant.

I guess a lot of fans of the strip thought it was the perfect happy ending, but I thought it was a "jump the shark" way of ending the strip.

“Cathy” and “Family Circus” invite such negative reactions because they embody brands of comedy that are now hopelessly out of fashion (see also: “Ziggy”).On “30 Rock,” Liz Lemon’s obsession with junk food and aversion to exercise have invited frequent comparisons to “Cathy.” Andy Samberg has also lampooned the character—and her catchphrase “Ack!”—on “Saturday Night Live.” Has any other cartoon ever been the object of quite so much ridicule? A sub-trend on Twitter is the idea that “Cathy” isn’t the only outdated cartoon still in existence.“Cathy,” which began in 1976, deserves credit for being well ahead of the chick-lit curve.Long before Bridget Jones was counting calories or Carrie Bradshaw was spending her rent money on Manolos, Cathy was twitching and sweating over the same bad habits.Also Guisewite was such a boomer and the strip was so boomer oriented that her talking about a single woman in her 30s in the 2000s didn't seem particularly authentic.


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