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Automatically lock Personal Room—This option applies only when hosts enter their Personal Room using the Web Ex application.If hosts enter their Personal Room from a video device or application, the feature is not applied.Notify host—If more than one attendee selects the Notify Host button in within a 5-minute period, Web Ex sends only one email notification with the names of all of the attendees.The email notification will show no more than 5 attendee names.Custom meeting templates that have been created by users are not impacted.If a host schedules meetings using custom templates and wants to have the first attendee to join the meetings automatically become the presenter, the host must manually enable the setting in the custom templates.What follows are Over Drive MP3 Audiobook and Over Drive Media Console troubleshooting questions.Click the question to hear the question and answer.

You could also use a different browser such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE9, or Safari in the second step, and these will work as well.

Such "enhancements" may interfere with our products and can cause conversion quality issues.

When switching them off, the sound playback is identical to the original audio.

We have seen some issues with older versions of Internet Explorer (IE8 and below). First, send us an email ([email protected]) with your name and email address you used to register. He can then come to our site, download the product and install it.

We will clear the download counter and email you back. When the product is first launched, there will be a Welcome Screen with a series of buttons on the bottom.


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