Eve online character portrait not updating

This blog will cover details of the next couple steps in the long-term plan of phasing out Starbases, as well as the big transition event for upgrading all of New Eden’s outposts and conquerable stations.

Starbase Industry and Resource Processing Structures In Fanfest 2015, when CCP unveiled the high level plan for what w...

Until then, our avatars are limited to tiny posed passport photos.

Understandably, players have requested the ability to re-take these character photos or change things about their appearance.

In particular, it is not clear enough: i) which of the four available portraits will be used in-game, ii) that players are unable to come back and adjust their portraits once they proceed through character customization and into the game. Change 2: When players click "Finalize" they will be presented with a dialogue box like the one below.

Changes to the portrait creation UI to make the process more clear We are implementing UI fixes that we hope will resolve the above two issues. "Save" implies that it is possible to go back and make adjustments later. The dialogue box shows the portrait snapshot that the player currently has selected.

The raw data and graphs that make up this report can be downloaded here (6 MB) All graphs in this report can be clicked to enlarge them for better viewing.

Privacy Notice: I do not keep any records of the character names that are submitted on this page or their associated character ID numbers.

Moving PLEX towards a more granular, and ultimately more flexible design got us thinking about doing the same for Skill Trading.

Read full post This is the Monthly Economic Report (MER) for April 2017.

The list of things we will be able to change includes hair styles, make-up options, clothing, lighting and posing in the final passport photo.

Players will also be pleased to learn that new tattoo, piercing and scar features will be added to the recustomisation screen.


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