Dating for parents of special needs children

He can talk about favorite hobbies, books, or movies that help to show his personality.

) In my research, I saw first-hand many couples with unbelievable issues with their blended children and who also worked, ran their kids to various therapies and doctors, yet THEIR relationship was important enough to FIND ways to be together. Even if you don’t agree with something, you do not yell, you don’t leave and not return, you don’t stop calling for weeks or stop making contact. And you let the other person know that you will listen and they can talk with you about anything without fear and with an open mind and an open heart.

Share with other single parents of autistic children.

Having an autistic child can be both a challenge and a joy at the same time.

Warmline offers support, suggestions for common problems, developmental facts about children and resource information.

You can also ask a question via an email form on their website, which will be answered within three business days.


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