Sam and ronnie dating

Since it was announced that fan favourites Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell would be leaving East Enders in a hugely dramatic storyline at New Year, fans, media – well, just about everybody – have been rushing to share their theories.The latest reports suggest that a tragic ending is in store for the pair after they drown while Ronnie tries to save a drunk Roxy in a swimming pool after her wedding.I also like it because it's appropriate for anyone while still appealing (at least a little, admit it, it IS addicting!!! Also, Hilary Duff does a good job playing her part as Lizzie, and her T. family seems so real to me, like they really seem like they work together as a "real" family.This is a cute show that any age can and will enjoy.Ronnie and Roxy could potentially discover that Jay is having trouble paying back his drug dealer and take desperate measures to help a family member out.But when a daring heist goes wrong, perhaps the sisters will end up behind bars together.

A six-time ACC Coach of the Year selection, four-time ITA regional coach of the year and four-time ITA national coach of the year finalist, Paul also begins his 26th overall year as a collegiate head coach, including two years at the University of Richmond prior to coming to UNC.We’d love to see a happy ending for the sisters so perhaps they could win it big at a casino or in the lottery and decide that life is for the living?Re-embracing the party lifestyle they had when they first came into the show, it would be a nice full circle for them to discover some riches, get their spark off, pack everything up and go on an adventure.His 152 ACC regular-season victories are also the second most in league lore behind only Chuck Kriese's 166 victories.Paul achieved his 400th overall victory at UNC on Feb.Since he became an assistant coach at UNC in 1989, the Tar Heels have had players earn first-team All-America honors 25 times.


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