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Two people sit in the middle of a bustling San Francisco coffee shop.

They don’t know each other, though they’re seated at the same table.

Join us at happy hour to view Tyler Cohen’s art exhibition and a sampling of prurient, outspoken queer comics from our library.

Tyler Cohen’s comics have appeared online in PEN America/PEN Illustrated and Mutha and in numerous books including QU33R (Northwest Press), Alphabet (Stacked Deck Press) and The Feminist Utopia Project (Feminist Press).

Known for exquisite line drawings that delve into the female experience, Tyler’s comics examine issues on her mind including bisexual visibility, parenthood, race and intersectional feminism all with a biting critique and humor.

Her newest book, Primahood: Magenta (Stacked Deck, 2016), unites two bodies of work; Mamapants is full of conversations and observations, and Primazonia allows the viewer to spy into a world of disturbing scenarios that eerily resemble the everyday.

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