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It followed a certain logic: in weak democracies, people paid their way into office by buying votes; in a state where there were no votes to buy, you paid the people who doled out the jobs.Even the military was riddled with patronage; commanders received a string of payments from a pyramid of loyal officers beneath them."He will help you." The caller was another addition to Zhang's unprecedented experiment: an alliance of Chinese church leaders, worshipers and public-interest lawyers who share the goal of winning greater rights and recognition for their faith.

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So, for the first years of the economic development, this period, this extraordinary economic development that began in the late ’70s, people were willing to mortgage a whole lot of other things, because they were finally, for the first time, feeling like they had enough food on the table, they could put their kids into a decent school. In this excerpt from the series, Osnos profiles dissident pastor Zhang Mingxuan, who is working -- often in direct opposition with the Chinese government -- on winning greater rights and recognition for Christians in China.Just last week, he was detained on unspecified charges by Chinese police and held for 36 hours.Like mist and clouds in a Chinese landscape painting, hide the private part behind your social persona.Let your public self be like rice in a dinner: bland and inconspicuous, taking on the flavors of its surroundings while giving off no flavor of its own.” ― Evan Osnos, “The longer I lived in China, the more I sensed that the Chinese people have outpaced the political system that nurtured their rise.In contrast to online dating in the United States and Europe – where people turn to the Internet to increase choice – Evan Osnos writes in The New Yorker this week about how Chinese netizens use dating sites to narrow their choices.


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