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Well, I'm furious and devastated that they're being furiously and devastatingly scrubbed from the Net! Only one match stick needed to burn a million trees. and do good.' She later forwarded it to Kristina, writing: 'There you go lovely...' The former Mrs Cohen also wrote: 'Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts, then they make us want to leave foot prints on their face....' The tweets caused a storm with angry Strictly fans on Twitter, who branded Abby as 'pathetic' for her online rants, directed at Mr Cohen's new lover. You barely see it, just blurry dark images of it being wanked.. A big meh.)so he likes to get sexual arousal with something that looks like a body part that was chopped off with a machete and left a blood oozing gash in its place? I found the video for those that didn't get to see it. One thing is for certain there isn't much girth there. I've never seen a PR team be so aggressive in a takedown before. What I don't get is if that you're more than happy to flash it about to a stranger on the net, what do you care if other people see?

"Abby sent an angry and bizarre tweet to Kristina in July last year, reading: 'When a bird is alive, it eats ants. I never get why celebrities freak out so much about their nudes leaking. If do you things like this you have to accept it might leak, they have seen it happen to so many other people. He has spent his career being a sex symbol to gay men and we have been financially supporting himself. After all, if you are a celebrity and showing off your bits in front of a camera, you've got to know that the chances are very good that at some point down the road somebody will try to make a few bucks from your compromising position. Also you would hope if it's some warped PR stunt the guy would actually have a decent cock. I agree too that if you expose yourself like that you need to prepare yourself for the consequences.[quote]You have a working link at [R46]!

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