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like this: Sub Change Table Styles() ' No Go in Excel 2003 Active Workbook. This is because you've just changed a built-in tablestyle. You might need to work with specific parts of a table.

If you ask me, I find it strange that the Workbook is a tablestyles' parent, whereas built-in table styles behave as if being bound to the Application object. Here is a couple of examples on how to achieve that. Select ' Select just the data of the entire table .

statement suppresses the newline after the output, which is why both outputs appear on the same line.

Here is what multiple assignment looks like in a state diagram: With multiple assignment it is especially important to distinguish between an assignment operation and a statement of equality. Furthermore, in mathematics, a statement of equality is always true. In Python, an assignment statement can make two variables equal, but they don’t have to stay that way: This means get the current value of x, add one, and then update x with the new value.

An example would be to highlight the Account ID when one selects an Amount Due entry as in Figure 5.

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This type of flow is called a loop because the third step loops back around to the top.Data can be entered into a computer in a variety of different ways.Users might designate position or direction by pointing at a display.By default, when the user selects a cell, Excel highlights the row and column by changing the color of the associated row and column headers as in Figure 1.Figure 1 But, what if one wants a more visible indicator such as having the entire row and column highlighted as in Figure 2 Figure 2 A variant of highlighting the entire row and column is to highlight the row to the left of the cell and the column above the cell as in Figure 3 Figure 3 Yet another possibility is to use different colored borders for the row and the column as in Figure 4 Figure 4 Another variant is to highlight a cell in a specific column and the same row as the selected cell.Note, however, that user inputs which initiate or interrupt transactions -- such as command entries, or control entries selected from a displayed menu or by function keys -- pose rather different questions of design.


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