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John was shot in his own home by an unknown assailant, while his boyfriend Eddie Santon was home with him.

John wants Donald to find out and nab who shot him, before the perpetrator finishes the job.

So, I call my boyfriend my boyfriend, and allow others to assume I am hetero, and straight.

A mysterious client of private eye Don Strachey pays him cash to tail a woman who turns out to be an undercover officer; an older lesbian couple are victims of threats and vandalism; an old...

Is it because I believe in keeping my "private" life "private"? reference my personal life in casual conversation, and I have a boyfriend.

As a result, people around me tend to assume that I'm hetero.

When the boy grew up he joined the company and took a boy-wife in his turn. -- he's looking great BTW -- and asked him what he's working on these days as far as the silver screen is concerned. not only is he working on a new 'Major League' movie, but HE HAS THE ENTIRE ORIGINAL CAST ON BOARD. The police detained the two boys and then issued a statement saying the boys had withdrawn their allegations.The colonial era reports are reviewed in Murray and Roscoe's 'Boy-Wives and Female Husbands'.A few examples: In the central African Zande culture, before European conquest, it was regarded "as very sensible for a man to sleep with boys when women are not available or are taboo."English anthropologist E. Evans-Pritchard was told that some Azande men had sex with boys "just because they like them."The adult males paid the families of boy wives, just as they paid for female brides.The media is alleging presidential interference in the case.


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