Not accommodating

Employers often do not see headscarves in the same light, and relying on uniform dress codes, their desire to maintain their corporate image, or the nebulous concept of “customer preference,” have over the years objected to wearing traditional Islamic head coverings at work.Less than a year after 9/11 the EEOC brought a class action against American Airline Plaintiff was a car rental agent, responsible for renting cars and personally interacting with customers at the counter and on the telephone.

Currently, capital markets lack conviction as they seek more details from the Trump administration on promised spending increases and tax cuts.While in Europe, the market is assigning a greater risk premium to European countries (Netherlands, France) where the rise of populism is gaining traction ahead of national elections.Expect the market to focus on today’s EIA oil inventory report ( EST) and the RBNZ monetary policy decision (pm EST). Equities see the green light In Japan, indices edged up overnight as the yen’s (¥112.30) recent rise outright stalled, while upbeat earnings is helping shore up market sentiment. Note: Investors remain cautious ahead of this week’s Abe-Trump summit starting Friday.Applicants and employees may obtain exceptions to rules or policies in order to follow their religious beliefs or practices.Remember that employers may grant these accommodations for religious reasons but still refuse to grant them for secular reasons.The Hang Seng index ended up 0.7%, while the Hong Kong China Enterprises Index gained 1.1%.


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